"They were on time, courteous, and they cleaned everything up before they left.  They respected our home and our yard. Highly recommend!"

- Dylan James, Local Reviewer

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30+ Years of Tree Service Experience

Whether you need a tree to be planted, trimmed, pruned, doctored, or excavated on commercial or residential land is of no concern to Primetime Tree Service, as we’re fully licensed and we can easily serve your needs either way.



Many Satisfied Homeowners & Businesses

We love trees and what we do!  We’re a family operated company with a talented crew that continues to learn and fine-tune our skills.  We’re friendly, safe, and talented tree climbers & trimmers.  Call us – see why we’re the best!



1,000s of Trees Trimmed & Pruned

Our tree trimmers know that the appearance of your property is important for safey, comfort, and curb appeal.  Our team of highly skilled arborists have the vision needed to produce trees that will impress your neighbors all year long!

Tree Care Service Meridian Tree Removal

From Meridian tree trimming & pruning, to full tree removals, our customers trust us to get the job done – on time, on budget, and with their property looking better than when our crews arrived. Contact us for Meridian tree care – or Call us at (208) 271-9811

Commercial Tree Trimming

Do you have a commercial, city, or state tree trimming or tree removal project?  We love to keep businesses, cities, and parks looking their best all year round!

Residential Tree Service

Trees play a major part in keeping your home shaded, cool, beautiful, and cozy.  However, overgrown trees can cause damage or injury to family or property.

Proudly serving Meridian, Treasure Valley, and surrounding cities.

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Commercial and Residential Tree Care Meridian - We climb any tree, tree removal, hauling, rigging, trimming, pruning, annual tree maintenance, brush, shrubs, and ornamental tree care.

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Jim Peterson – Google Tree Service Review

Excellent tree work by Kyle who is the climber/business owner. He gives in-depth advice and explanations on the best methods of pruning to ensure a healthy tree and good appearance. Very precise work on site ensuring a safe and careful operation. Thorough cleanup, on time schedule, friendly knowledgeable crew, flexible posture ensuring customer satisfaction and they provide a very detailed quote. I am very pleased with the job well done and have requested additional close-to-house tree work this time. I can easily recommend this company for its quality work and expertise.


Bill Connor – Google Tree Care Review

Kyle has done work for us twice now. He knows his tree science and expertly took care of our trees. He is professional in all his dealings from estimates through clean up. Our trees look great. Thanks Kyle!


Brian Nelson – Google Tree Care Review

I had a couple of trees needing pruning along with a dead tree for removal and stump grinding. Kyle is very knowledgeable and detailed in explaining his approach. I also had a couple changes to the work I requested and they were flexible to adjust and provide guidance. The trees look great and clean up was thorough.


Adam Thomas – Google Tree Care Review

Primetime was great. Some companies just want to cut down trees, but primetime cares about ensuring trees are healthy and strong for years to come. They were quick, professional, knowledgeable, and left no sign that they had been here. Aside from two beautifully pruned trees.


Dave S. – Google Tree Service Review

Kyle Owner:Operator came out and discussed his background and what he would do. Very knowledgeable didn’t over sell and made recommendations. His price was fair and work top notch pun intended. He and one other tech knocked out three trees and clean up in 4hrs, they look great and left everything clean.I highly recommend him for others looking for good quality work at a reasonable price and likes the idea of owner operator small business.


Lawson Howland – Google Tree Service Review

I had to remove my front shade tree as it developed girdled roots which was slowly killing the tree and causing lawn problems. Kyle came out promptly, gave me a very fair price, and completed the job a week later. He cleaned up everything and gave me good advice on how to renovate the damage caused by the roots in my yard. Kyle did great work, and… he is a heck of a nice guy! If I need future help with trees or bushes, I now have someone to call, someone I trust – Primetime Pruning.


Chris Skidmore – Google Tree Service Review

I was referred to Kyle, and Primetime Pruning, by a buddy and I am so incredibly impressed. During the estimate, Kyle was incredibly knowledgable about the process and told me exactly what his team would do with my trees and shrubs. The estimate was extremely reasonable while the quality of the finished product was top notch. You can expect great customer service in terms of communication, promptness, and quality. We’ll be using them for all pruning and tree removal needs moving forward, and highly recommend to others. Thanks, Primetime!


Glen Patrick – Google Tree Service Review

Kyle is a very knowledgeable arborist. He did an excellent job trimming out substantial insect damage at the top of my 50-foot arborvitae trees. He safely and skillfully climbed to trim and thin the trees and did a great job cleaning up the jobsite. The price was very reasonable, and the trees look fantastic. I highly recommend him for any tree trimming project.


Barbara Walker – Google Tree Care Review

Primetime pruned 4 very large trees and took out multiple large bushes that needed removal. They were quick to respond and provide a bid. They came at the stated time and worked all day and thoroughly cleaned up after. I highly recommend.

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Working with large trees is a dangerous job - we protect your home, your property, and your neighbors, too.

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We communicate well and we're on time for every job.  We'll let you know of any delays along the way.

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"We had multiple trees that were long overdue for trimming and pruning.  The guys were very informative and extremely safe in all that they did.  Our neighbors hired them, too."

- Brian Stevens, Local Reviewer

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Why You Should Do Your Own Landscaping?

If you have ever tried to do a landscaping project before, you know from first hand experience that it isn’t the simplest task to do. Although anyone can landscape, it takes preparation and knowledge to do it successfully. The advice and tips below will help you stay prepared and informed for your next landscaping project.

To help pay for your project, you should divide it into different stages. You will only have to pay for one stage at a time. If landscaping is a hobby for you, taking your time is important since creating the landscape is often more fun than maintaining it on a regular basis.

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Do not plant too much of the same plant in your garden unless it is one that can withstand all type of weather conditions. If you place the same kind of plants throughout your garden and they die during an off season you will be left with a bare yard.

Whenever you are trying to determine what types of plants to include in your landscaping project, you should always consider things like sunlight, wind direction and strength, and soil alkalinity. These factors will help narrow down your options so that you can choose plants that will thrive in your landscape.

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Be mindful of the impact that your landscaping can have on your house. Any disregard for this can result in plants that affect piping underground, or even block the visibility of traffic near your home. It takes only seconds online to research the average growth size, or how the roots behave for your new plants and trees.

It can be very difficult to guess and plan how much mulch, sand, rock, etc. you might need in order to successfully finish your whole project. In part, you should make sure you do everything in phases. As far as planning the amounts of each of these materials, do your math and pay attention to specifications.

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Consider the amount of sunlight that hits different areas on your property before deciding what to plant there. Some plants need full sunlight while others thrive in shade. If you plant the incorrect varieties in the wrong areas, you are setting yourself up for failure. Talk to a professional at your local nursery to determine which plants will do best in different lighting conditions.

Water is a great element to add to any design. Adding a water pump with a small fountain or waterfall is simple. If you could afford it, there’s a lot of professionals who could install these things for a cheap cost. Incorporating water features is a great way to establish a focal point.

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Take a bit of time to research the right types of plants to use in your landscaping design. You can go to your local nursery or big-box home-improvement store and ask them questions about the plants they sell. Always keep in mind the growing requirements in your own yard when considering which plants to use.

Don’t be scared off by cheap prices! While splurging can sometimes be worthwhile, at other times, the cheapest materials are just as good as the pricey ones. Before paying extra, consider what you’ll be getting for your money, and if it’s worth the extra cost. It doesn’t always take a lot of money to get quality goods.

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Carefully determine the quantities of material you will need. It can be very easy to under or overestimate how much of any given material you will need to get the job done. Before you get started, check you math. Get a second pair of eyes or even a professional to take a look at your materials list.

Landscape design software is an excellent tool for anyone who needs visual aids to get a true idea of what works best. These programs allow you to enter measurements and maps that reflect your working space. This allows you to plan the boundaries of flowerbeds, visualize spacing and choose the optimal layout for your project.

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As stated before, landscaping isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Anyone can complete a landscaping job, but only with the right information and preparation beforehand. Luckily, you have the tips and advice from this article to assist you, so your next landscaping job will be one that is completed with ease.

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